What does working in a Volunteer Sending Organisation look like?

Hazel, VC

This podcast interview with Hazel, who works at VC, a volunteer sending organisation, offers some insight into her role and the exciting volunteer training she has been working on. 

Hazel, VC - 18th March 2021


A Nutritional Transition

Albania, ADICE

Kulli's professional background and passion for food and nutrition, allowed him to utilise his skills while on volunteer placement in Albania. Kulli shares with us some of the ways that he taught kids to eat more fruits and vegetables. 

Kulli, EUAV - 28th January 2021


Volunteer Management in an Intercultural Context

Nepal, ADICE

Michaela reflects on her career in volunteer management after being repatriated to the UK due to Covid0-19. Her time in Nepal allowed her to focus on Intercultural Communication, a topic you can learn about more in this blog post.

Michaela, EUAV - 28th January 2021


The Key Changes in Volunteering Today

Shane Halpin, CEO of VC

This blog post is the product of an interview with Shane Halpin, the CEO of Viatores Christi, a volunteer sending organisation. Throughout his interview, Shane explores the challenges facing VC and organisations akin to VC. Shane raises thought-provoking questions for the international volunteering community to reflect upon and engage with.

Shane, CEO of VC - 28th January 2021


Co-workers, Cheetohs, Chikungunya, Quakes and Culture Shock – How my year in Mexico was one of mutual contribution.

Mexico, VC

Hazel, a VC volunteer who spent one year volunteering in Mexico, reflects on the volunteer recruitment process and the connections she made with her Mexican co-workers. 

Hazel, VC Volunteer - 7th January 2021


To act on their health


Jacobo, a nurse and EU volunteer, is now considering a career as a health education nurse after his experience volunteering and working alongside "great health professionals" in Kenya. 

Jacobo, EUAV - 7th January 2021


The opportunity to do things I have never imagined.


Celia felt that her time as an EU volunteer in Bolivia, working with the victims of human trafficking, allowed her to apply her background in psychology and international development cooperation

CELIA, EUAV - 7th January 2021


It depends on the volunteer's proactivity, personality, life skills, and willingness to contribute to the community.


Akile is an EU volunteer who was deployed to a small fishing village in Kok Payom, Thailand for six months. Akile discusses the challenges volunteers face in the field and identifies language as a "key element in establishing a link with the community". 

AKVILE, EUAV - 7th January 2021


Afete Shabani talks about her volunteering experience in Presevo, Serbia

Serbia,Youth for Refugees

Afete Shabani of Youth for Refugees talks about her experience volunteering to help 7,000 Syrian refugees. When the Balkan Route was unexpectedly shut down in 2016, the refugees found themselves stranded outside…

ADRIAN O'FARRELL - 2nd July 2020



What is it like to volunteer in Nepal? Pawel Bryk Details His Experience

“Due to the creativity of the team… we had a chance to not only learn, but also to exchange new interesting ideas.” The first months of my deployment in the EU Aid…

ADRIAN O'FARRELL - 23rd June 2020


Serbia, Youth for Refugees

Local Volunteers in Serbia step up when Humanitarian crisis lands on their doorstep

When the Balkan Route was shut down, local volunteers in Serbia stepped up. In 2015 the Balkan Route to central Europe was used by approximately 1 million refugees fleeing the conflict in…

ADRIAN O'FARRELL - 6th June 2020