Download your Poverty & Marginalisation Assessment Guide

This toolkit item has been created to assist local partners in conducting a systematic comparative poverty and marginalisation assessment of beneficiaries. 

This research will help increase the likelihood of a successful application for funding and development workers by local partners. Our experience over 60 years is that many local partners' project proposal applications overly rely on information from secondary sources which are about the wider local community and that these findings may not apply directly to project beneficiaries.

The toolkit is a step by step guide to help the development worker demonstrate that project beneficiaries are more poor and marginalised than other people in the wider local community. We take you through each stage of the process in order to guide the: selection of questions and data, analysis, manipulation, interpretation, presentation and write-up of the report.

This eBook also shows an example report from a pilot of this toolkit that was undertaken in South Africa.

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Cover of poverty and marginalisation ebook for Volunteering for Humanity